Where the Askent comes from

I have a personal project named Askent, which is actually a clone of Sli.do.

The idea was comes from a webinar hosted by GatsbyJs. At that meeting, the host use Sli.do as a tool to interact with audiences, let them ask questions, and make a survey at the end of the meeting.

Sli.do’s easy-to-use and elegant design impressed me a lot when I first saw it. And at that time, I was learning GraphQL by myself, so I decided to make a clone of it as an exercise project.

In project Askent, I’ve tried many new Front-End techs like PrismaJs, ReactJs, Apollo, DeepStream, Hasura, etc …


The project was funded in December 2019, when before the outbreak of COVID-19. and when I was locked down at my wife’s hometown in Spring festival vacation and nowhere to go, I’ve been spent a lot of time on it, try a variety of tools to store data persistence(like MySQL, MongoDB, and PostgreSQL), figure out how to send/receive messages in realtime on all clients(GraphQL subscriptions based on Pub/Sub model, DeepStream, Hasura), and how to create a user authenticate service(JWT).

Through all of these trials, I’ve been learned a lot, and maybe I can name myself not only a front-end developer but also a full stack web developer too(maybe too much early ^_^).

Nowadays, the Askent was deployed at Github Pages, and server-side runs on my home’s server so it will not costs me an arm and a leg, and regards of security of the home network, the server has not published to the Internet which I’m still working on it. I’ve deployed the server to the Internet in my spare time, which with a lot of bugs, still WIP(update on July, 7th).

About the name

Askent = Ask + Event