See The Movie Don't Look Up

I just saw the comedy movie ”Don’t Look Up”, it’s seriously funny, like what the director said. It means serious and funny.

It’s a perfect sample to help us to understand why would people say “The core of comedy is the tragedy”.

I like the scene when DiCaprio’s character yelling towards the camera, shouted “the president of the United State is f**king lying.” His acting was so crazy and emotional.

dont look up

My Favorite Lines

OK. At this very moment, I say we sit tight and assess.

The divisions in this country are bad enough. We don’t want more of that in our house.

Sometimes we need to just be able to say things to one another. We need to hear things.

Just look up, turn off the shitbox news.

I’m gratefull we tried.

We really did have everything, didn’t we?