Interesting Blogs/Articals(To Be Continued)

When I surf on the Internet, I found some interesting, useful, impression, inspired blogs/sites occassionally, sometimes I want to find it out and read it again, but I had nothing clues to find them, that’s really made me feel frustrate.

Next time when I find something like this, I’ll jot it down here.

Letters To A New Developer

I heard a principle of programming from my colleague,

Always leave the code better than you found it.

I found this site when I was search the explaination, and found more interesting letters on the site, like this one: The Surprising Number Of Programmers Who Can’t Program. I’m curies what’s the FizzBuzz about, so I searched it and found an other interesting post, Fizz Buzz in Tensorflow.

Although it’s a fiction story, I believe so, but the idea behind it is enlightening, and the author even wrote a book about it.

I found it by one of the author’s project named CFEditor: Make Routers Great Again, it’s a ASUS router CFE modify tool. In the site, there is a terminal window on every top of the post, and the command-line described the gist of each post, it’s very interesting! There is a post explained why you should keep away from CentOS, the author’s point of view is unique.

The stories behind 3 great business mantras

The stories behind 3 great business mantras

Google: Don't be evil


  • Code wins arguments
  • Move fast and breaking things
  • Done is better than perfect

Apple: Think different

To Be Continued